Backup & Recovery

An IT disaster can strike at any time so preparation is key. An
effective backup and recovery solution is critical to ensure business continuity.

Backup & Recovery is business class protection of your servers and workstations. Back up and recover at a file, application, or systems level for both physical and virtual machines. 


  • 1 copy local, 1 copy remote – Full hybrid-cloud allows use of any on premise storage or our cloud storage.
  • Faster backups – Speed up backups of large files,
    applications, and databases by automatically tracking changes at a block level in between backups.
  • Store data longer – Extend beyond the standard retention model and help ensure compliance with regular permanent archives.
  • Virtual system support – VMware ESX and Hyper-V platforms are natively supported.
  • Full system protection – Recover an entire image with a local copy of data or restore directly from the cloud with automatically backed up OS boot up environment, system state, applications, and data.
  • Bandwidth throttling – Restrict bandwidth use during
    business hours so users are not impacted by backup or restore operations.


  • Restore quickly – The application automatically selects the
    fastest restore location: local or cloud.
  • Move less data – Automatically recover only corrupted portions of files & databases, moving less data to achieve faster restores.
  • Be ready for disasters – Continuous recovery automatically updates a standby server after each backup session of the live server, meaning you can failover in minutes.
  • Exchange restore – Restore Exchange environments at a granular file or full database level.
  • Virtual disaster recovery – Physical or virtual server can be restored to a virtual machine. VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, and Amazon virtual machines are supported.
  • Bare Metal Recovery – Recover entire servers or workstations from a bootable USB in a single pass, even to dissimilar hardware.


  • 27001 certified – The highest standard in data management.
  • End-to-end encryption – All backups are encrypted on the production machine, then transferred over secure connections to the cloud. Data is only decrypted during a recovery at the business’s site.
  • Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) – All data encrypted with AES 128 or 256-bit encryption in motion and at rest.
  • Globally distributed data centers – We use multiple SSAEcompliant and ISO-certified data centers globally.
  • Password protection – Leverage client-side password
    protection to restrict changes or limit functions to restores only.